Is Melania still supporting Donald Trump after Daniel Storms scandal?

Image shows Donald Trump (l)with his wife Melania Trump (r).— AFP/file
Image shows Donald Trump (l)with his wife Melania Trump (r).— AFP/file

Donald Trump has requested the assistance of his wife, Melania Trump, in both his legal affairs and on the campaign trail.

According to an insider cited by Page Six, the presidential candidate held a “major talk over the weekend” with the former first lady, who agreed to support him. However, a different source contradicts this, claiming that Melania has expressed a desire to be left alone and will not participate in her husband’s potential 2024 presidential run. The individual asserts that Melania has not recently taken part in any of Donald’s political engagements, as it is not a comfortable experience for her.

The recent sighting of Melania with Trump at Mar-a-Lago’s Easter brunch has given credibility to the Page Six article. 

The couple arrived at the ballroom to a round of applause and then enjoyed their meal in the middle of the area, separated by a red velvet rope. 

According to an insider, Melania desired a private moment with her spouse, which was granted to her. The insider added that the presence of the two of them alone conveyed a powerful message that they are united and that Melania stands by her husband. The red velvet rope was in place for a reason. 

The source explained that although Melania was content with appearing at the Easter celebration, she didn’t want to engage in any conversations with club members about the current situation. The insider further stated that Donald Trump is receiving support from his family wherever possible because he anticipates a lengthy legal battle. 

Additionally, there is speculation that Tiffany Trump and her husband, Michael Boulos, may take on the role of Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner on the campaign trail.

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