Imran Khan claims rejecting deal to stay quiet in exchange for political role in future

ISLAMABAD – Pakistan’s former prime minister Imran Khan is facing 14 years in prison on corruption charges alongside his wife Bushra Bibi, and 10 years in case of leaking state secrets but the jailed politician continues to remain dissent despite facing one of the darkest times in politics.

Lately, Imran Khan held an informal conversation with journalists as the he confirmed backchannel contacts with the powerful quarters through his wife Bushra Bibi, but turned down all ‘deals’.

The former cricketer, who is considered among top skippers of all time, turned down the impression that Bushra Bibi was moved to Banigala residence to serve a sentence under a deal.

Khan, 71, said people from powerful quarters opted for an indirect approach to offer him a deal. He said Bushra Bibi was told to convince me to behave nicely, in exchange for relaxation in the ongoing cases.

The politician known for populist politics said the offer was made before his conviction while he was in Attock prison.

Delving into further details, Khan said he rejected the offer then, saying there is no chance to step back from demand for democratic system.

He also recalled his meetings with former COAS Gen (r) Qamar Javed Bajwa for holding of free and fair elections, saying his message to the establishment was that they should think about 25 crore masses.

Imran also alleged that former Army Chief conspired against PTI government from the very beginning. He also accused Gen (r) Bajwa of manipulating cipher case against him, whereas it was a conspiracy against the elected regime.

Khan linked rigged polls with political instability, opining that the country’s economy is on life support.

He also fired fresh salvo at Nawaz and his party, and Election Commission who according to him will hijack upcoming elections.


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