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UPDATE: After more than an hour of Musk taking questions and with around three million people listening live, the interview came to a close at 10:10 p.m. PT.

Apparently on a whim, Twitter chief Elon Musk contacted the BBC on Tuesday night and offered to give an interview.

It’s taking place now at Twitter’s headquarters in San Francisco with BBC journalist James Clayton and you can listen to it by heading to Musk’s Twitter page and tapping on his profile photo to access the Space hosting the chat.

The interview is covering a lot of areas, from Musk’s controversial acquisition of the platform in October 2022 to the mass layoffs of staff to how it handles misinformation.

Musk was pretty relaxed during the questioning, though tensions rose at one point when he tackled Clayton over claims that hateful speech on the platform has increased since he acquired the company, noting that the reporter couldn’t give an example of any piece of hate speech that he’d seen despite claiming that it’d increased.

Advertisers have reportedly left the platform following Musk’s takeover of the company, but Musk claimed that most have now returned. Twitter’s CEO said the company isn’t in profit at the current time but claimed it’s about breaking even. He suggested it could be “cashflow positive” this quarter if things continue to go well.

On the subject of whether TikTok should be banned for being a national security risk, Musk said he’s generally against banning things though admitted it would probably be good for Twitter as former TikTok users might then spend more time on his platform.

Twitter’s boss also agreed that he’s shot himself in the foot with some of his tweets over the years, quipping that he now wears “bulletproof shoes.”

Asked how it’s been going since he took over the company, Musk said: “It’s not been boring. It’s been quite a rollercoaster,” though he said later that “it’s been quite painful” and that “many mistakes have been made along the way.” But he added that he believed “Twitter is heading to a good place.”

Toward the end of the interview, Musk admitted that he has an odd relationship with news outlets that report his every move, sometimes in an unfavorable light, but said it was “part and parcel of having a free media.”

After about an hour of taking Clayton’s questions, Musk finished up by answering questions on his Twitter feed and from people in the audio chat.

At the time of writing, the interview is ongoing. Check Musk’s account page to listen to it now.

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