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How to get the best out of Canva ChatGPT plugin | The Express Tribune

OpenAI has released a Canva plugin for ChatGPT users that is available for download and can create any visuals like logos, banners and more, using prompts. Previously, users were still taking help from ChatGPT to create art on Canva, but the process was more complicated.

The new plugin will, however, make the process swift and easy with just a few clicks. To install the plugin, you will need to open the AI chatbot in your browser and scroll down to the Plugin Store, to locate and install the Canva plugin. Once installed, you will be able to describe the exact art or visual you need in the prompt section and get powerful graphics.

Here’s how you can use this plugin to achieve various graphics-related and social media tasks:

Unleash social media graphics

Using prompts, ChatGPT will be able to produce stunning attractive graphics that can compel your audience to engage with posts and get your message across. Instead of wasting hours on deciding what looks best and is ideal for a great visual, you can rely on ChatGPT to create it for you, even with an added customised message.

Business Presentations

While you need your research and meeting notes well prepared, your visual presentation is highly significant in engaging the attendees and gaining the approval of your superiors. ChatGPT will easily be able to create a perfectly laid out presentation that is not only professionally appealing but carries all the vital information.

Event Invites

Why hire a graphic designer to design your wedding cards when ChatGPT can do that for you exactly the way you want it. Design your own event invites using prompts to describe themes, color and written content. No edits are required! Just download the image and send it to your invitees. You can use this to create your own business card as well.

Blog Post Graphics

Written blogs can go nowhere without the right post graphics that will get users to click on the link to your piece. Use ChatGPT to ensure your blog goes from a ‘meh’ read to a ‘must-read’ with just a few clicks. Use this to create e-book covers and marketing flyers.

Logo Creation

There may be various other AI logo creators out there offering similar services but when you have ChatGPT and Canva, why go anywhere else? For users who fail at designing or creating the best artwork for a logo, this plugin will make things much easier. You can ditch the bad cliparts with bad pixels, for a new branded logo for business.


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