German Princess becomes first aristocrat to pose topeless on Playboy cover

A German princess has broken tradition by posing topless for Playboy magazine, marking a historic move in aristocratic circles.

Xenia Florence Gabriela Sophie Iris, known as the Princess of Saxony, graced the pages of the local edition of the magazine with the intention of promoting the message that “every woman is beautiful just as she is,” as reported by the German magazine Bild.

Descended from the last King of Saxony, Friedrich August III, who passed away in 1932, Princess Xenia expressed confidence that her great-great-great-grandfather would have approved of the unconventional photoshoot, describing him as a humorous and loving individual.

For the March 2024 cover of German Playboy, the German Princess draped a white sheet across one half of her body while leaving the other side completely bare. In another picture, Xenia went completely topless by a luxurious pool wearing nothing but a sheer white skirt with waist-high slits. In a third shot, Xenia donned a white bodysuit with the crotch unsnapped, pulling it down to reveal her chest.

In her accompanying interview, the socialite told German Playboy she wanted to show through her photos that “every woman is beautiful the way she is.”

In an interview poolside with Bild, the 37-year-old princess acknowledged her unique connection to her royal lineage, tracing her ancestry back to the 1,000-year-old House of Wettin. Despite anticipating disapproval from her royal family, particularly the House of Wettin, she expressed a hope for tolerance, stating, “I would be surprised if they bought a copy. But of course, I hope that they will at least tolerate it.”

“You don’t have to conform to trends or have surgery on your body just to please someone,” she reportedly told the magazine. “I have stretch marks and I’m proud to show them.”

Xenia, who currently stars in “B:Real – Real Celebrities, Real Life,” told the mag that she has to “fight against prejudices all day long.”

“In some reality TV shows, I was the only one who didn’t have anything done to her body,” she shared, continuing that “other women, some of whom had had a lot of surgery, said something like that I wasn’t any competition for them because I didn’t have any curves and wasn’t feminine.”

Reflecting on her childhood, she revealed that her royal background felt like a “curse,” with her aristocratic title becoming public knowledge in the seventh grade. She recounted the challenges of classmates asking about maids and boys proposing marriage in hopes of becoming a prince.

However, she now views her royal status as a “blessing” that has opened doors to various reality shows, such as ‘Die Burg,’ ‘Summer House of the Stars,’ and ‘Battle of the Reality Stars.’

To showcase her authentic self and bring a genuine touch to reality TV, Princess Xenia shared her royal journey in the 2011 biography titled ‘Xenia: The Life of a Princess in the 21st Century.’ Despite her claims, the House of Wettin, one of Germany’s oldest documented noble families, rejected her biography.

Maria Emanuel, the former head of the dynasty, dismissed her as “a nothing” and deemed the biography a “dreadful faux pas” and a “misfortune” for the House of Wettin.


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