Future Fest 2024 announces conference agenda


Written by: Sajjad Ali

LAHORE – Future Fest is the most sought-after conference in Pakistan featuring historic participation of international speakers and representation from 50+ industries across the country. In the 3rd edition of Future Fest that will take place on January 26-28 at Expo Center Lahore, the event has surpassed all previous years, featuring an unprecedented lineup of over 300 international speakers, 50 roundtables, and 700+ contributors attracting an audience of more than 100,000+ attendees.

Diverse and Global Agenda: Future Fest 2024 is themed around ‘bridging global tech ecosystems,’ hosting discussions on business, technology, finance, and more, reflecting Pakistan’s growing role in the global tech landscape. Notable tracks include “Explore Business in Berlin,” “Launch Your Business in the US,” and “Digital Bridge Across Pakistan, UK, Saudi Arabia, Africa, and Iran.”

Converging Global Leaders: Future Fest will spotlight amazing speakers like Sara Sabry, the first Arab woman astronaut about her groundbreaking journey to space; CEO Sharjah Technology and Innovation Park Hussain Al Mahmoudi, as well as leaders like Former Vice Mayor of Oslo Usman Mushtaq, Head of Digital, Technology & Innovation of Etihad Airways Bookie Ghauri, Partner of Magnus Communications Zain Moosa, and Founder of UAE Future Innovation Founders Kristina Lasenko in a program called the “WIN Hour,” curated by Jimmy Nguyen.

Innovative Tracks and Roundtable Sessions: Future Fest is introducing a web3/crypto track dedicated to “Regulating Virtual Assets in Pakistan,” reflecting the evolving landscape of technology and finance alongside 50+ industry roundtables on key issues and opportunities including AI, cybersecurity, climate, gaming, e-commerce, hospitality, agritech, proptech, energy, taxation, film/animation, sports, health/wellness and edtech, etc. fostering in-depth discussions and collaboration at a scale unlike anything done in Pakistan before.

Focus on AI and Web3: Future Fest 2024 dedicates a significant portion to AI and Web3, including discussions on AI in various sectors and hosting the world’s largest and longest-running consensus meetup for cryptocurrency, blockchain, and Web3 communities. Founder of Polygon Labs Sandeep Nailwal will be a speaker and the first global Eth Dencun Launch event will take place at Future Fest in partnership with Lenea.

Gateway to Saudi Arabia: Recapping the historic participation of Saudi companies in Future Fest 2023, this edition will feature a special discussion to connect Pakistani investors and entrepreneurs with opportunities in Saudi Arabia.

Podcast Rooms and Interactive Sessions: Expanding on the on-site podcast rooms setup from the previous year, Future Fest 2024 will provide on-site podcast rooms for podcasters and guests to capture the journeys and stories of visitors and leaders.

A Platform for Innovation and Growth: Future Fest 2024 not only showcases technology and innovation but also serves as a platform for economic growth, contributing significantly to Pakistan’s economy and job market.

As Pakistan’s largest tech event, Future Fest will host 100,000+ attendees, 300 speakers, and international guests, bridging the global perspective to the top 50 industries of Pakistan during this crucial economic period. Future Fest continues to attract global attention with its wide array of events and expos including brand-new activities like the 3-day Music Festival, EV Expo, ChaiCon, Shopping xFashion Expo, and Food Arena powered by high-speed WiFi connectivity and enhanced broadband network, ensuring a seamless experience for all attendees.

Supported by leading companies like Hashoo Group, Graana, The Vertical, EasyPaisa, Google Cloud, and more, Future Fest is more than just an event; it’s a catalyst for innovation and economic growth. With a history of contributing over $200 million in investments and creating 30,000+ jobs, the festival is a cornerstone of Pakistan’s evolving economy.

Don’t miss out on this unique convergence of tech and music. Register now to be part of Future Fest 2024 at Expo Center Lahore from January 26-28, and witness the synergy of technology and art like never before.

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