Faisal Kapadia takes off with debut album Zindagi Jahaan Le Jaaye

Faisal Kapadia, the iconic voice of Strings, is ready to rewrite his story. After parting ways with the band in 2021, he takes center stage with his solo debut, “Zindagi Jahaan Le Jaaye,” released February 2nd.

This isn’t a timid solo stroll. Kapadia dives headfirst, collaborating with diverse talents like Young Stunners, Zoha Zuberi, Krystel, Zohan, and Amna Rai. “Jaadu” and “Hum Na Rahay,” already chart-toppers, offer a taste of the album’s vibrant energy.

Forget grainy band posters – the album cover unveils a raw, black and white self-portrait, reflecting Kapadia’s personal and artistic evolution. In a heartfelt video message, he shares his excitement: “Finally, ‘Zindagi Jahaan Le Jaaye’ is out and all yours!”

The journey wasn’t just recording sessions. It was “an amazing time” working with producers Ahsan Pervaiz Mehdi and Ali Allah Ditta, he says. Their collaboration resulted in an eight-track tapestry, blending four solo tracks with captivating collaborations.

Kapadia isn’t just presenting songs; he’s crafting an experience. “I put a lot of thought into the track listing,” he emphasizes. “This album is yours. Zindagi Jahaan Le Jaaye.” He encourages listeners to embark on a full musical journey, savoring each track in its intended sequence.

So, buckle up! Hit play on track 1 and prepare to be swept away by the electrifying spirit of Kapadia’s solo flight. He’s traded rock anthems for a diverse soundscape, but one thing remains constant: his powerful voice, ready to captivate a new generation of fans.


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