Exclusive: Is Scorching Summer Heat Taking A Toll On Your Skin? Expert Shares Tips And Steps To Prevent Sunburn, Skin Tan

The harsh summer heat can dehydrate and spoil your skin. Besides trying to stay in shade as much as possible and drinking lots of water, following steps are very important to keeping skin clean, hydrated and protected. Cleanse your skin day and night with preferably foaming cleansers as they are more active and will aid better in the removal of dead cells and sweat. Sensitive skins have to be a bit careful and might choose to opt for milk cleanser instead. 

The next step would be Vitamin C serum as it is an antioxidant it prevents the skin from any damage from anti-free radicals eg. rain, wind, pollution, sun and air-conditioning. Then a nice light hydrating moisturiser to keep skin supple and hydrated and last but not least Sun Protection 50+ and a good non-comedogenic make-up. Once or twice a week a gentle exfoliation and a good hydrating mask will assist in maintaining a good, healthy skin in summer. Dr Umed Shekhawat MBBS, FRACGP, DIP Skin Cancer shares a complete summer skincare guide.

Key Ingredients To Include In Daily Skin Care For Summer

There are several key ingredients that need to be considered for summer skin care:

Zinc oxide is a mineral-based sunscreen that blocks UVA and UVB rays. Daily sunscreen application is a must for all exposed skin. When I talk about sun protection from the sun I always refer to not just the face and neck but also the decolletage, the back of the neck and the top of the hands and feet. Do not forget to reapply as needed.


Vitamin C is the ingredient that has to be used all year round, not just summer. It helps protect your skin from hyperpigmentation/discoloration, and stimulates collagen production. Look for a medical-grade Vitamin C serum and apply it day and night or at least once a day. 

Vitamin E is a great ingredient as it is known to mitigate ongoing DNA damage formation after sun exposure and when used in conjunction with Vitamin C where Vitamin C supports the maintenance of vitamin E levels, this duo is a perfect match in summer.

Alpha-hydroxy Acids known as AHA’s are an important exfoliant in summer for oily skin. It will help remove oils from clogged pores and prevent summer acne. Use it gradually, once or twice a week only to prevent too much removal. 

Hyaluronic Acid is known as a humectant and it is great for moisturising your summer skin. Apply it twice a day in the summer after cleansing. 

Easy Steps To Remove Skin Tan And Prevent Sun Burn

Once the skin is tanned the best way to remove skin tan would be to avoid any further sun exposure and apply as often as needed the sunscreen. Gentle body and/or face exfoliation once a week will assist in the removal of dead cells and tan. Do not exfoliate every day or use harsh scrubs to avoid making skin sensitive. Moisturise skin day and night and drink plenty of water.

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