Elections 2024 and Internet Memes: Here’s Pakistanis’ voting experience

On the day of general elections 2024 in Pakistan, the nation not only stepped out to cast votes but also entertained the internet with hilarious memes, complaints over the incompetent polling station staff, and the political environment in the country. 

Pakistani social media, especially gen z — who is casting their first ever votes — managed to brighten up the day despite internet blackout.

The democratic process became a fun and informative event for Pakistanis as it inculcated the feeling of patriotism and a sense of responsibility as a citizen among the people across the country.

On platform X (formerly known as Twitter) social media users shared their different perspectives and opinions regarding the voting procedure. With a plethora of reactions, one user shared a humorous post with a picture expressing their utmost excitement to cast their vote.

While annother X user shared how incompetence of the staff got the best of their experience. “As predictable as anything. Polling staff claims that they received the stuff late and won’t open voting until 9,” the user complained. Another one added that the booths are still in progress and expressed people’s frustration over waiting since 8am, eventually going back after witnessing the inefficiency of the authorities.

Since mobile services remain suspended for the day to avoid any potential threats or rigging, one user complained of their inability to connect with others. “Should we use rocks outside the polling booths to make a call?” they asked.

Another user shared how “authorities have suspended mobile networks, disrupting voters ability to access correct polling station info, to travel to polling stations to vote, barring reporters on ground from reporting in real time,” and expressed their dissatisfaction. 

“Vote responsibly,” urged one X user. “You can feel the heat of rampant division & cohortization in society. You will find people hating you for no reason in offices, places totally unrelated to politics even if you don’t discuss. Debate on policies, not based on emotions and egos,” they added.

While many people complained over the inefficient process, one user celebrated their first vote for which they “waited 5 years.”

Keeping the Pakistani humorous spirit alive, one user shared former Pakistani PM Imran Khan’s sons’ picture as they held the flag of his political party Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf. Giving a humorous spin, the user took a verse from the Pakistani drama serial Humsafar’s OST stating, “Bicharne walay me sb kuch tha bewafayi na thi.”

Another one joked, “Imran Khan gets in trouble everytime, to ensure jemima still cares.”

Pakistan started polling process for the general elections as 128 million voters head to polls to vote for nearly 18,000 candidates contesting the General Elections 2024 on February 8 for 1,125 seats in the National Assembly and four provincial assemblies.


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