Domino’s now lets you order pizza via Apple CarPlay

Domino’s already lets you quickly order pizza at the tap of a button on your phone, but now, it’s enabling you to do it on your car’s infotainment screen via CarPlay. Announced today, the new feature puts a simplified version of the Domino’s app on your dash and lets you “Tap to Order,” which instantly signals your main store to start making your favorite order for pickup. Alternatively, you can tap “Call to Order” and talk to someone hands-free to order something else — that’s the only way you’ll be able to customize your options.

“We know how frustrating it can be to wait in a [fast food] drive-thru line just to place an order,” Domino’s SVP chief digital officer Christopher Thomas-Moore states in the press release. “Domino’s app on CarPlay is a great alternative to that, as customers still have the convenience of staying in their car, and can place an order from wherever they are, without waiting in a long drive-thru.”

If you feel like instant pizza orders from your car are what you need in life, be sure to set it up first: get the Domino’s app for iPhone, log in or create an account, create an “Easy Order,” which will be used for the instant “Tap to Order,” and then launch Domino’s via Apple CarPlay.

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