Disha Patani under fire for wearing ‘inappropriate’ clothes

Disha Patani, the renowned Bollywood actress and model, is widely known for her stunning looks, killer physique, and charming personality.

However, she has now come under intense criticism on social media for her clothing choices, which many deem to be revealing and inappropriate.

In a viral video, the actress is seen leaving a restaurant while wearing clothing that some viewers deemed to be overly suggestive.

While many fans have shown their support and admiration for the actress, a considerable number of social media users have criticized her clothing choices. Some comments included statements such as “Her clothes are getting smaller,” and “So small clothes, little girl?”

Several users also expressed their shame towards wearing such revealing clothing and disapproved of Disha Patani’s choice of attire. However, it’s worth noting that the actress has not responded to any of the criticism or comments made on social media.

On the professional front, Disha will be next seen with Prabhas and Deepika Padukone in Project K.

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