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Digital Detox: Can Reading Books Improve Mental Health And Help Cope With Stress? Read How

In today’s hyperconnected world, individuals are finding solace in a timeless activity—reading books. As people grapple with stress and the constant bombardment of digital information, the act of reading a book has emerged as a powerful tool for a digital detox. 

Mr. Nidhi Dalmia, Author of author “Afternoon” and “Harp” spoke to Zee News English about the love for ppaperbacks and hard cover books over any digital media.

“After some time spent answering messages on whatever platform on the cell phone , the brain starts feeling weird , especially if this is done without a break . It is better on an Ipad or another tablet and still better on a laptop. This applies even more if one is trying to read a long piece or attachment,” says Dalmia.

Mr Dalmia comments, “Old fashioned paperbacks can undoubtedly help people cope with stress caused by this self-evident excess. There is the soothing smell of the book as one turns the pages . There is the textured, tactile feel of the book , the printed page in one’s hands.”

“There is the joy of seeing a beautiful cover in one’s own hands instead of on the screen. Hard covers have their own solid feel , create their own joy and satisfaction . The soothing effect is on all the senses . not just sensual . It is that and more. It transcends that,” he says.

5 Reasons Why Reading Is Good For Your Mental Health

Here are five compelling points illustrating how reading books can improve mental health and aid in coping with stress:

1. Escape from the Digital Deluge: Engaging with a book allows for a break from the incessant notifications and screens, offering a retreat into a world crafted by words and imagination.

2. Promotes Relaxation and Reduces Anxiety: Delving into a captivating book helps to divert the mind, alleviating anxiety and allowing the reader to focus on the narrative, ultimately leading to a sense of tranquility.

3. Enhances Cognitive Function and Concentration: Reading a book demands sustained focus and concentration, which can aid in improving cognitive function.

4. Empathy and Emotional Understanding: Through characters and their stories, readers can develop a heightened sense of empathy, understanding, and compassion, essential for maintaining good mental health and fostering social connections.

5. Encourages a Balanced Lifestyle: Allocating time for reading necessitates a balanced approach to digital consumption encouraging a healthy lifestyle by urging individuals to manage their screen time effectively, leading to improved sleep patterns and overall mental well-being.

Mr. Avik Chattopadhyay author  ofbook, 52@52 told Zee News English, “It has to be the old-fashioned physical printed book for me. The smell of the paper. The rustle of each leaf. The sensory feel of my finger over the nearly smooth surface. The creak of the binding. The bookmark at a break. The dog ears for easy references. My notes in pencil on the margins. The ability to quickly flip to a picture when needed. The sheer weight in my hand. The way it looks on the shelf. And the deftness with which I brandish it out. Almost like a weapon. Also like a pillow. My name on the inside front cover with the date when it all started. The paper book engages with me and keeps me mentally sharp in a thousand ways. Never a wrong step. Never out of fashion.”

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