Demi Lovato on embracing her roots with a new sound, being in a

Emo music is cool again and making a comeback

Emo music is making a comeback, attracting Gen Z and old-school alternative rockers


Demi Lovato has always been an emo kid at heart. Her love for the genre has been a driving force for her to change her sound. 

“I grew up listening to this music, and so I wanted to go back to my roots,” Lovato said. “Whether you’re going through depression or you’re having fun with your friends, there’s so many emotions that’s in this music. I think this generation is hungry for it.”

Lovato rose to fame as a child star on the Disney Channel and has since become a successful musician with numerous hit songs including “Tell Me You Love Me,” “Skyscraper” and “Cool For The Summer.”

Her eighth studio album, “Holy Fvck,” diverges from her previous pop-oriented albums, as it leans more toward the emo genre.  

“Still Alive,” a song by Lovato, was featured as part of the soundtrack for the movie, “Scream VI.” Her rock rendition of her 2013 hit “Heart Attack” went viral, prompting her to re-record the track to have a more angsty sound. 

The album also showcases her unfiltered honesty regarding her struggles with mental health, particularly on the track “Dancing with the Devil.”

“Whether it’s angst, whether it’s falling in love, sadness — there’s songs for everyone on here. I’ve always just made music to kind of be an inspiration to other people while also just doing what I love,” Lovato said. 

She writes about her harrowing experience of nearly losing her life to a drug overdose in 2018 when she was 25 years old, which she confronts in a docu-series produced by YouTube Originals. 

Lovato said the experience has transformed her life, a metamorphosis she expresses through her music. 

“I definitely am in a really good place. I don’t know what I’m gonna write about on my next album because I’m so happy,” she said. “It is a really good feeling. But I don’t know what I’m gonna do.” 

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