Caught on camera! PML-N, PPP leaders distribute cash to voters ahead of elections

Pakistan, a nation of nearly 241 million people, will vote next week and ahead of elections, the candidates were seen distributing cash among voters to get their support.

In the provincial capital Lahore, Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) and PPP hurled accusations at each other of buying votes.

A clip of PML-N leaders is doing rounds online showing banners of Attaullah Tarar mounted on the wall. PPP alleged that a clip circulating online shows Mr Tarar is buying votes in NA-127.

Political workers can be seen distributing money in Tarar’s election office, swearing voters to support the Nawaz League.

PML-N also countered the allegation and said PPP is involved in buying votes in NA-127.

Tarar said people were caught swearing oaths to vote for PPP’s Bilawal Bhutto. PML-N stalwart claimed huge amounts of money are being transferred from Sindh to Lahore to lure cash-strapped voters.

PML-N accused PPP of attempting to influence the election outcome using commission agent. 


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