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Brothers Osborne say fourth album marks a “fresh start” in their country music journey: “We’ve shared so much”

Brothers Osborne, a Grammy-winning country duo, released their fourth album, self-titled “Brothers Osborne,” last month. The siblings, John and TJ Osborne, have ventured into new musical territory with the guidance of renowned producer Mike Elizondo, whose early roots were in hip-hop.

“It feels like a fresh start in a lot of ways for us. I mean we’ve shared so much of ourselves publicly in the past few years,” TJ Osborne said.

In 2021, TJ Osborne came out as gay, becoming the first openly gay artist signed to a major country music label. Simultaneously, John Osborne revealed his struggle with severe anxiety, nearly pushing him to quit music. 

The duo has been singing together since childhood in Maryland. Despite their close bond, they have faced their share of disagreements, prompting them to undergo therapy after the brothers found it difficult to even be in the same room together. That decision ultimately saved their relationship as brothers and as musicians.

“We really made that decision because it had gotten so bad and we knew this isn’t healthy,” said TJ Osborne.

“And it was like, at the very least, if we keep on with this, the band’s over, that’s the least of a problem,” John Osborne said. “The biggest problem is he’s my brother and I love him and he’s my best friend and that, you know, we’re very close. That’s the biggest problem, like we would lose each other as brothers.”

In the studio, Elizondo, who has worked with a wide range of artists from Eminem to the Jonas Brothers, encouraged the brothers to break boundaries. TJ Osborne, known for his acoustic guitar and vocals, ventured into the electric guitar world alongside his brother. 

Their latest album is a testament to their musical evolution, said Elizondo.

“Above all me just being a music nerd, I just knew they’re badass musicians,” Elizondo said.

In their personal lives, TJOsborne has found love with his partner, Abi Ventura, while John and his wife, singer and songwriter Lucie Silvas, recently welcomed twins, Arthur and Maybelle. Music runs in the family, as even the youngest members are being prepared for the family business.

“When she [Lucie] sings they just smile. And when I sing, they’re like, ‘Ha, ha, ha!'” John Osborne said.

Brothers Osborne will be kicking off a self-titled tour to promote their album this week in New York. 

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