Ayesha Omar shares terrifying experience of falling into a manhole

Pakistani entertainment industry’s triple threat, Ayesha Omar, is known for her powerful acting, modelling and singing.

The 41-year-old megastar, who is an epitome of beauty with brains, started acting when she was a student and has been a part of numerous successful projects since. One of her most iconic roles was as ‘Khoobsoorat’ in the popular TV show Bulbulay that won hearts of many across the globe.

Aside from her successful career, Omar has been vocal about her personal journey, which was hit by financial difficulties and harassment at workplace. She has always been brave enough to share her experiences and people have been able to learn from her journey.

In a recent podcast with Frieha Altaf on FWhy, Ayesha Omar shared a horrifying incident that happened to her in 2019 while she was shooting for a fashion campaign for a lawn brand.

She had to stay late for fittings the next day. As she was walking towards the bathroom in the dark, she fell half into a manhole with a loose lid and suffered a cut in the pelvic region. The Karachi Se Lahore actress was bleeding profusely, but she had to think of how people could misinterpret the situation because of her fame. So, she covered her face and went to the hospital with her driver and assistant.

Ayesha’s injury was severe and the doctor was also surprised at the extent of the damage. After three hours of suffering, she had to undergo a surgery and was able to walk again after four weeks. This incident highlights a lack of safety and liability laws in Pakistan, which put workers in danger and leave them vulnerable to accidents and injuries.

On the acting front, Omar will next be seen in Dhai Chaal and Money Back Guarantee.

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