AUR and Zayn’s collab takes the internet by storm

While viral success doesn’t always guarantee a lasting impact for artists, AUR is proving to be a force to be reckoned with. Breaking the news through a captivating Instagram post last Wednesday, the band revealed an electrifying collaboration with global sensation Zayn Malik, breathing new life into their hit song, Tu Hai Kahan.

This 2023 release not only propelled AUR to the forefront of the Pakistani pop music scene but also showcased their savvy marketing skills by teaming up with ex-One Direction star Zayn. However, as we delve into the rendition itself, it becomes evident that while AUR may have mastered the art of marketing, the musical execution leaves much to be desired.

Tu Hai Kahan kicks off with a fusion of digitally altered vocal and guitar samples, a signature of this music style. Zayn’s falsetto vocal embellishments add a unique touch to the initial verses, giving the song a promising start. Clocking in at 4 minutes and 26 seconds, Tu Hai Kahan’s lyrics really give it the oomph. The conversational structure and simplicity seamlessly align with the overall theme and energy of the track. 

Netizens are flooding social media with accolades for this powerhouse collaboration. Zayn’s soulful Urdu vocals have struck a chord with many.

AUR, composed of Usama Ali, Ahad Khan, and Raffey Anwar, made waves in 2020 under the name Oraan before rebranding as AUR.


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