April 10 declared as Constitution Day in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD – The National Assembly unanimously passed a resolution, designating April 10 as the National Constitution Day. 

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif presented the resolution in the House as the South Asian country marked the golden jubilee of the Constitution of Pakistan.

It designated April 10th, as National Constitution Day, which would be observed annually to remember the law’s passage and to inform the masses of its importance.

In the resolution, it was said that the “role of the parliament, government, and judiciary in upholding and executing the Constitution of 1973 and ensuring that the principles, values, and purposes inherent in the Constitution are respected.”

The “state organs must take all necessary measures to ensure that the Constitution of 1973 is properly implemented and that the rights and interests of the people of Pakistan are preserved and safeguarded,” it urged.

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