Another ‘electric shock’ in the offing as CPPA seeks further hike in electricity tariff

ISLAMABAD – As the Pakistani government vows to remove subsidies in power sector, there will be no respite for Inflation hit people, with another hike on power tariff is on cards.

As people in crisis-hit country are bearing the brunt of record prices, the Central Power Purchasing Agency (CPPA) approached the national power regulator to jackup the power tariff by Rs5.32 per unit.

CCPA approached NEPRA and cited fuel adjustments for December 2023. If approved, financial burden on consumers grappled with elevated utility costs.

NEPRA will conduct a hearing on this matter on January 31.

In its plea, CPPA said 12.92 billion electric units were produced at the cost of Rs7.61/ unit, while the reference cost for September was fixed at Rs7.7 per unit.

Earlier this month, the power regulator raised electricity tariff by Rs 4.12 per unit for its consumers under account fuel adjustment charges for November last year.


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