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Announcing the Lorne Craner Democracy Fellowship – United States Department of State

Today, in recognition of the International Day of Democracy, the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor (DRL) is pleased to announce the Lorne Craner Democracy Fellowship. With the generous support of Congress, the Fellowship will enable mid-career professionals in the field of democracy and governance to contribute their knowledge, experience, and expertise to designing democracy promotion strategies and programs. The Fellowship will be implemented with the support of the International Republican Institute (IRI) and National Democratic Institute (NDI).

As a consummate champion of democratic values and institutions, Lorne Craner was a tireless advocate for integrating them into U.S. foreign policy. During and after his distinguished service as Assistant Secretary of State for DRL, Mr. Craner was a staunch advocate for the rule of law, independent media, and free and fair elections.  Mr. Craner understood that prospects for world peace and prosperity are strengthened when democracy is able to flourish, and human rights are protected.

Fellows will be nominated by IRI and NDI to work on addressing new and emerging threats to democracy, contributing their expertise to the Department of State to develop evidence-based strategies in line with the Bureau’s approach to democracy programming to combat such trends. While serving in the Department, Fellows will gain first-hand insight into how governments design and implement foreign policies and programs in support of strengthening democratic governance, both at the bilateral and multilateral levels. The fellowship will culminate in a capstone project designed by the Fellows to be implemented via DRL’s programs.

The Department looks forward to honoring Lorne Craner’s legacy of enduring promotion of democratic values and institutions by bringing outside experts on democracy to the Department of State through this prestigious Fellowship.

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