All you need to know about Forms 45-49

LAHORE – People of Pakistan are casting their votes today (Feb 8) in the 12th General Elections to elect their representatives for national and provincial assemblies.

The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) is the top body to conduct polls in the country. The electoral watchdog uses various forms for compilation of results in order to ensure transparency in the elections. Following are the forms used by the ECP to file the results:

Form 45: This form is filled by the presiding officers of every polling stations. It carries details regarding polling station number, constituency name, total registered voters, total vote case and number of total votes secured by each candidate.

The form is submitted to the returning officer while copies of Form-45 are given to each polling agents.

Form 46: This form of the ECP carries details about the number of ballot papers sent to the polling station, the number of incorrect, cancelled and challenged ballot papers. It also carries details if there is any irregularities during the voting process.

Form 47: It contains the total number votes rejected by the election officials. It also carries the breakdown of votes secured by each candidate about unofficial results of every constituency.

Form 48: It carries details of total number of votes cast by voters for each candidate in a constituency.

Form 49: It contains the final and official results of every constituency. It carries details about name of candidates, total secured votes and affiliated party if any.


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