Ali Zafar, Shahid Afridi to help kickboxer working at tea stall

Not all heroes wear capes! Celebrated Pakistani musician and cricketer, Ali Zafar and Shahid Afridi respectively, have proven that they are so much more than artists. Both stars have always been ready to help their people and stay close to their fans and followers.

Most recently, a Pakistani kickboxer, Agha Kaleem, had asked authorities and prominent figures to assist him financially so he can pursue his career.  

Upon his request, the former skipper tweeted that he was ready to help Kaleem and asked the kickboxer to reach out to Shahid Afridi Foundation for any assistance.

“We are fully ready to take this responsibility and help you reach milestones in your career inshaAllah. Please reach out to @SAFoundationN and @megastarsleague that has been created for this purpose – I have alerted both teams. They will connect you to the tools you need,” Afridi’s tweet read. 

On the flip side, the revered Jhoom singer also tweeted in Kaleem’s favor and requested sports authorities to assist deserving players.

“We must value our national heroes, especially those who’ve brought us international pride, and never abandon them. The sports mafias that hold back such talent should be eradicated. I will support him financially. He should return to the ring and fight again, and I’ll train with him for my next movie! Keep fighting, champion! #SupportSports #Kickboxing” Zafar tweeted.

On Sunday, Agha Kaleem shared his training video and thanked the legends for helping him achieve it.

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