After two Indo-Canadian projects, actor-writer Inder Shahu’s plans to open performance academy

Inder Shahu
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Inder Shahu is an accomplished actor, writer and theatre enthusiast who is eager to set up a performance academy in Canada. His passion for acting and performance arts has driven him to take on this ambitious project, which aims to provide aspiring actors for Punjabi and Hindi international productions with the best possible education and training.

Inder believes that acting is a craft that should be honed and perfected through hard work and dedication and there is dearth for training available for the increasing popularity of Punjabi and Hindi projects being created in Canada and around the world. He understands the importance of having a solid foundation in acting skills, such as voice modulation, body language, improvisation and emotional expression, and Hindi and Punjabi films, theatres, series requires a specific kind of timing and nuance. He believes that these skills can be learned through proper training and guidance, and that they are essential for anyone who wants to succeed as an actor.

In addition to his belief in the importance of acting as a craft, Inder also feels that theatre performance, and other performance arts like dance and body movement is a tool that imparts essential skills for an actor. He believes that theatre can teach aspiring actors to be more expressive, authentic and versatile performers, and that the experience of performing live in front of an audience can be incredibly enriching and rewarding. 

Meanwhile, Inder Shahu is currently working on his upcoming project titled Kabootar. The film is being directed by Puneet Rakheja and will also be made in English as it is an Indo-Canadian project. The story is about the immigration experience. Inder revealed that he has a few other projects lined up for the future. One of them is Hoshiarpur De Hoshiyar.

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