Adnan Siddiqui mourns ‘death of justice’ after Pakistan elections

Pakistani actor Adnan Siddiqui sparked a new controversy with a strong statement on his Instagram story, lamenting the perceived demise of justice and civil rights in the country after the general elections 2024.

Though final results remain pending with results of several constituencies still awaited, allegations of rigging have swirled on social media, fuelling public anger and discontent. Siddiqui, along with other showbiz personalities, voiced his dissent through a sombre announcement.

“The people of Pakistan, including myself, declare the sad death of justice and civil rights in the country,” he wrote. He criticized the “lack of ethics” during the process, expressing hope for divine intervention to grant the people the strength to deal with this injustice.

His message concluded with a poignant warning for those he believes facilitated the alleged vote rigging in the February 8 general elections: “This condolence message is for those who facilitated and helped in these atrocities. We will never forget this cruelty and injustice.”

Siddiqui’s strong language and accusations resonated with some citizens, mirroring their frustrations. However, it also drew criticism for its inflammatory nature and potential to further polarize the already polarized nation.

On the work front, Siddiqui was recently seen in Ghughi, Belapur Ki Dayan and Yeh Dil Mera.


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