AC Hazim Bangwar reveals first look of new sports facility in Karachi’s North Nazimabad

A view of the bridge being upgraded. — Twitter/@HazimBangwar
A view of the bridge being upgraded. — Twitter/@HazimBangwar

North Nazimabad Assistant Commissioner Hazim Bangwar on Monday shared the progress on the ‘under the bridge’ sports facility he had promised residents of his locality.

Recently, a video from India of a boy describing an ‘under the bridge’ sports facility went viral on social media. Soon afterward, Bangwar promised the people of North Nazimabad that he would build a similar facility in his area.

Taking to Twitter, late in March, Bangwar shared a picture of the Indian facility, along with pictures of him and his team under a bridge.

“North Nazimabad you requested this? You’re getting this!”.

Following that, Bangwar kept on sharing glimpses of construction work under the bridge. Today, he once again shared a picture to give people in his area an update about his initiative.

“North Nazamabad we are almost ready. Are you?” he wrote.

Earlier, Sindh government Spokesperson Murtaza Wahab highlighted that Karachi already had such a facility. In fact, the former administrator of the city played cricket under the bridge and shared the video from his Twitter account.

Wahab went to revisit the sports facility under Lilly Bridge after the viral video. Meanwhile, he played cricket with the local boys there.

He was accompanied by film star Saud.

“I am happy to see positive environment in Karachi during Ramadan,” he had said. “I really enjoyed my time with the boys while playing cricket. We will keep working to revive good facilities for Karachiites.”

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