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Abbasi, Nawaz discuss Pakistan’s current crises, including ‘new party’

  • Sources in PML-N say Abbasi has moved on from the party.
  • Abbasi says he has no plans of making new political party.
  • He calls for holding those involved in May 9 accountable.

LONDON: Former prime minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi has said that he has a relationship of 35 years with Nawaz Sharif and these relations are beyond political considerations — amid speculations that his journey with PML-N has, more or less, come to an end and it’s just a matter of time before its made official.

Speaking to the media after meeting PML-N supremo Nawaz for two hours, Abbasi said that he discussed in detail every issue Pakistan is facing and suggested to Nawaz to unite the nation and show statesmanship as the country is stuck in a myriad of crises.

Abbasi met Nawaz a few days after announcing that there was a need for a new political party in Pakistan, and the existing parties — including PML-N, PTI, and PPP — have failed.

Abbasi dispelled rumours about forming a new political party, saying: “I only talked about forming the new party but I did not make one. There is a dire need to compensate for the injustices that happened with Nawaz Sharif.”

“I have had an association with Nawaz Sharif for the last 35 years. I and Nawaz Sharif exchanged views on the country’s political situation,” Abbasi said.

“Nawaz Sharif is the senior most politician of Pakistan today. He has the understanding of things like no one else. I believe that he should take the whole nation forward with him and forget a lot of things that have happened in the past.”

“We discussed everything that we needed to and we have done so always. There are things we agree on and somethings we disagree on,” he told Geo News.

The former premier said that Nawaz’s court-related matters — including his disqualification — should have been settled before his departure to Pakistan. He has said that Nawaz was victimised by the courts and deserves justice.

New party

When asked if he discussed “Re-Imagining Pakistan” or the new party matter with Nawaz, Abbasi said he discussed every matter with Nawaz Sharif and “gave my opinion”.

Abbasi said his relations with everyone in PML-N are fine and “I have no reservations or issues with anyone”. He said he was not part of the consultations related to Nawaz’s return to Pakistan or any decision-making.

A senior PML-N source said that Abbasi has been acting out of the party discipline for many months now, and it is clear that he has moved on from the party.

The source said that he has made it clear that he wants to launch a new party or be part of it when it’s formed.

“It’s just a matter of time before this party is launched by Shahid Khaqan, Miftah Ismail and Mustafa Khokhar as a new force. It’s another matter the fate it will meet.”

May 9

He said that what happened on May 9 — when PTI ransacked state installations — is unprecedented and unheard of in Pakistan’s history and those involved must be punished and dealt with according to the law.

“I am against persecution of anyone. Prosecution is a must for those who break law but nothing outside of the law should be allowed.”

Regarding the prime ministership, Abbasi said: “If the PML-N is voted into power, it will be up to the party to pick up the premier.’’

As Abbasi came out, a handful of PTI supporters staged a protest outside. When asked to comment about the protesters, Abbasi said he “prayed for their hidayat (guidance from Allah)”.

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