600-year-old mosque bulldozed in India’s Delhi

DELHI – A 600-year-old mosque in the Indian capital city was razed in an operation carried out by the Delhi Development Authority (DDA).

On January 30, the Akhondji mosque in the Mehrauli neighbourhood was demolished along with the Behrul Uloom madrasa with the mosque’s Imam Zakir Hussain saying that the worship place was bulldozed without any prior legal notice.

He said that a huge number of police personnel were present when the DDA carried out the demolition operation, adding that his phone was also confiscated to prevent him from filming the incident.

The demolition of the mosque openly contradicts previous assurances given by the development authority to the Delhi High Court that it will not bulldoze any mosque or legally owned Waqf property in the area.

The incident has sparked massive criticism on social media with people demanding action against those involved in it.


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